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Travelocity Budget Rentals Promotion



Travelocity [read review]

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When you are ready to hit the open road for a driving vacation, logon to Travelocity [read review] to book your rental deal today, and start your sabbatical with a reliable set of wheels and a full tank of gas! Budget Rentals is delivering the deal of the decade through Travelocity by offering 35% off rentals and all you have to do is book your car, and pick up it before end of December 2013!

Whether you are taking a road trip across country with friends, or enjoying the cityscape on your own while traveling for work, this rental deal will not last forever so book your car rentals today to get the best deal going in the industry.

travelocity budget

Travelocity [read review] is offering 35% off rentals from the always trusted Budget Rentals, providing cars of all shapes and sizes to meet your personal driving needs. As long as you book your car for pickup by the end of the year, you can enjoy the savings of this brilliant rental deal whenever you are ready!

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