Expediting a USA Passport for a Last Minute Vacation

Written by William Manor
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Expedited passports can be obtained the same day if you need to.
Expedited passports can be obtained the same day if you need to. If you have last minute travel plans that will take you outside the USA then you will need a valid passport. The data that follows will assist you in acquiring a US passport fast in case of last minute travel arrangements.

To expedite a USA passport the same day, individuals have to either deliver their applications and documents to a US passport agency and personally submit them or contract a professional passport expediting service to get it done for them. Which method should be used? The decision actually will depend on how much time you can dedicate to getting them. If you happen to be planning for a last minute trip, you are undoubtedly tight on time and might make use of the services of an expediter.

If you choose to take action personally, you need to telephone and set up an appointment to the closest regional passport agency. These processing agencies are found in important metropolitan areas throughout the US such as Boston, Miami, Los Angeles and Seattle among other cities. At this time, you can find eighteen regional processing centers in the United States. Additional processing centers are planned for the coming year.

Since your departure is close, you may find that no appointment can be scheduled. Appointments are usually set up a few days after the call is made. Given this situation, you might attempt going to the processing center without a scheduled visit.

Applicants must show proof of imminent travel plans when applying for expedited passport service. Some other requirements include a finished application, photo Id, photocopy of Identification, evidence of American citizenship, two recent passport photos and the correct payment. One of the primary motives requests are denied is problems with photographs. You are motivated to obtain the photos at an establishment that has experience producing passport photographs.

Those that are located too distant to take the form themselves, can expedite the process through a competent expediting service . The number of expediters has grown tremendously over the past years on account of the growth in the number of requests for passports by United States citizens.

Locating a dependable expediting service can be accomplished quickly with the assistance of the World Wide Web. Applicants can do their own investigation and check out the websites one by one or go directly to U.S. Passport Service Guides directory of experienced passport expediters. The website makes it possible for you to quickly review and assess each expediting service. Inside just minutes, you can identify a company that can get the job done for you.

The next action is to fill out the expediter's form. You will determine the passport service you need and the expedited service you desire. Type in your travel and contact info. Soon after you make payment for this service, you will need to collect the needed form and supporting docs and mail to the expediter.

Most expediters give you a choice of expediting services such as 11 days, 8-10 days, 5-7 days, 2-4 days and one day. Fees start at $65 and increase to $299 for same day processing.

Given that you are now advised of the various choices that you have, you can decide on the expediter that attends the desire to secure expedited passport service for last minute travel in under one day.

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Posted: July 14th, 2015
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