How To Filter Water In The Wilderness

Written by Leigh Connelly
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Increase Your Chances Of Survival By Learning How To Filter Water In The Wilderness
Outdoor survival skills are extremely important if you should become lost or stranded out in the wilderness. Even when you do manage to find a water source you still need to know how to make that water safe for consumption. Learning how to filter water in the wilderness is a vital skill to learn.

Filtering water is not the same as purifying water but nevertheless it is an important skill that could save your life.

If all you can find is muddy water you will need to create a filter which will clean it of all the sediment and debris. Filtering the water simply means removing all visible dirt and debris which will help make it safer for drinking. You will still need a method of killing harmful bacteria and microbes but filtering will often make the water taste better.

To begin filtering water you will need to have container to keep it in. Any decent survial kit will have a bottle in it so use that. Cut the bottom off of the bottle and use the top as a funnel. For the best results using this method stuff some cloth material into the funnel to trap debris. A can is not as effective as a bottle but it will do the job. For the water to be able to run through you will need to punch a few holes into the bottom of the can with your pocket knife. Catch the water in a seperate container by running it through the holes in the can.

Filtering water in the wilderness can be achieved several different ways. Consider this method as an option during an emergency. You can place an item of clothing or cloth material directly over the container as a filter. This should remove the majority of the particles.

Use what nature provides. Rocks and sand in alternating layers will make an excellent filter. The more layers you have, the better.

If you have no bottles or cans use some bark and twist it into a cone shape. Rocks and sand can be layered inside the bark cone. To hold it all together use a piece of string at the bottom of the cone. By thinking ahead and putting small rocks at the bottom you will be able to stop it from all falling apart.

Make sure you use both fine and coarse layers in the filter and alternate between each. You will need to stop the sand from pouring out of the bottom of the cone. This isn't difficult. Use grass that is not poisonous, several pebbles, or a piece of cotton material.

Pour collected water through the filter. Make sure you have your container ready to catch it when it comes out of the filter. If the water is not clear, pass it through the filter again. You might need to do it several times to get the water clear.

Even though you now have clear water there are still little nasties in there that need to be gotten rid of. The water still needs to be purified. Bacteria and microbes that can make you sick still exist in the water. Purifying water is simple. Boil it over a fire for five minutes or use a water purification tablet.

Learning how to filter water in the wilderness is an essential outdoor survival skill. You can keep yourself alive by knowing how to make your water fit for drinking. This will keep you hydrated while you wait for the rescue party. Practice this valuable skill before you actually need it. Dehydration is a killer when lost in the wilderness so this skill could easily be the difference between life and death.

As a keen recreational camper I like to study the skills I might need to keep my family and myself alive if things go wrong. To get a few other excellent camping tips visit the web page camping water purifier.

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