10 Easy Ways to Travel Light

Written by Tori Milan
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Most people pack far too much when they travel and are the first to admit it, as they struggle through airports or on multiple city tours
Most people pack far too much when they travel and are the first to admit it, as they struggle through airports or on multiple city tours. Each vacation they vow never to do it again, yet somehow the urge to throw in just a few extra things takes a hold and they find themselves over packing again and again. Want to find out how to pack light and still have plenty to wear? Below are some common sense tips on what to include, what to leave out, and how to manage the urge to throw in those extra things you never use anyway.

1. Think “Outside the Bag” Strategize your wardrobe on the bed at home before you put things in the suitcase. It will help you to visually pick things that mix and match, pare down anything you really can live without, and itemize what goes into the suitcase to make sure you’ve remembered everything.

2. Carry On is King…If it is a short trip or a trip to a warm climate it is very likely you can fit everything you need in one carry on bag (this is one time you want to go with the largest allowable size bag). You can enjoy a later check-in at the airport and get to you vacation destination sooner by bypassing the long wait at the luggage carrousel. More reasons travel with only a carry on bag? More reasons to travel with just one bag are security, economy and mobility.

3. Leave Room for Gifts and Souvenirs. If you pack your suitcase to the brim you will not have room for the coveted things you want to treat yourself to. That is motivation to leave those “just in case” items at home.

4. Two Pairs of Shoes Will Do! Wear the heaviest pair on the plane and pack the other pair.

5. Eliminate Things that are Provided at your Destination. Call ahead to verify what is provided in your vacation rental. In most cases, bath and beach towels, hair dryers, irons, laundry facilities and sand toys are all provided.

6. Pack Colors that Mix and Match. Black, beige, brown and white are great. And you can take fewer accessories too, because everything is conveniently interchangeable.

7. Place Items in Plastic Baggies. Zip cloths into plastic bags, making sure to remove excess air to vacuum seal them shut. The two-gallon size works wonderfully. This is great for overseas travel because it keeps clean and dirty cloths separate, and the vacuum seal makes things lay flatter so you can fit more into the suitcase and still have room to spare.

8. Downsize It. You really don’t need full size toiletries. Yes, travel sizes do cost a bit more, but it is worth it if you have less to tote around. Not sure of what you can sized toiletries you can bring on board. In addition, airport security rules state that travel-sized tubes and liquids must be 3 oz. or less.

9. Do Your homework. Check the Weather Channel to verify temperatures and weather patterns at your destination to avoid bringing the wrong weight of clothing.

10. Plan to wash socks, underwear or drip dry blouses. You’d be surprised at how bulky they are. One great perk of staying in a vacation home is that almost all vacation rentals include laundry facilities. By planning to wash and wear undergarments, you can accommodate a larger wardrobe and never feel inconvenienced. Best Bet: Pack one pair of pants for every two days of travel, one shirt per day, two evening wear items and pack 50% fewer undergarment items, so you will only have to do laundry once during your trip. Packing light is easy with a packing list.

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She is an expert on family vacations and vacation rental homes and real estate.
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